Hacienda Macalauan Inc.

Last Friday daughter and the rest of preschooler department had field trip. They went to Hacienda Macalauan Inc, Manila Zoo, Museo Pambata and Filinvest Mall in Alabang during free time.

Daughter was very happy and excited because this is also her first time rode in a bus. So, we went to her school at 4.30 am for the assembly. I guess she is really excited that time because she woke up at around 3 am.

At school, after 1 hour of waiting the bus finally left the school. Daughter was sleeping while the bus is going to Hacienda Macalauan Inc. This place is a farm cow where you could find hundreds of imported cow from New Zealand. This is also a place where you could buy farm fresh premium daily products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and creams.

According to their official website Hacienda Macaluan, Inc. (HMI) is a Philippine corporation and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission in 1995 as a dairy farm entity, whose primary purpose is to sell and breed cattle farm animals, and the production of milk and related dairy products. More information about Hacienda Macalauan in their official website hmi.net.ph/.

Here are some of our photos from Hacienda Macalauan Inc, the first photo came from their site. Anyway, if you want to visit the place HMI offers educational tour for students and other interested visitors, for more information just visit the site I mentioned. HMI is located at DAIRY FARM AND PLANT Brgy. Mabacan Calauan, Laguna
Tel No.
(049) 568-0152

Hacienda Macalauan

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Agri-Tourism Trade – Niyogyugan Festival Quezon

Awhile ago I browsed my compilation of photos and saw these photos from Niyogyugan Festival (Celebration of the Tree of Life). The celebration is the 2nd Agri-Tourism Trade showing the different products of agricultural in Quezon Province. Well, coconut is the main product here in Quezon reason why the theme for this year is Niyogyugan (Niyog – tagalog word for coconut). Silly me, lol, I didn’t share the event which held last August.

It was a week celebration with different activities like Agri-Tourism Trade Fair Booth, Sayaw sa Niyog Competition (Dance with Coconut Competition), Festival Queen Competition, Agri-Tourism Exposition, and Float Parade Competition.

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Educational Field Trip

This is the first time that my daughter will be joining educational field trip. Last year they didn’t have this kind of trip but school approved to have an educational field trip for this school year.

Preschooler and grade 1 – 3 will be going to Laguna and Manila. The places to visit are Hacienda Macalauan, Kinder Zoo, Museo Pambata, and mall somewhere inManilafor free time. The school would like to achieve the following objectives at the end of the trip:

  • Knowing the process of producing milk.
  • Describing each animal in the zoo.
  • Appreciating the role of the child at home, in school and the community.
  • Developing socialization skills.

My daughter is very excited because she loves to visit the zoo. Well, I hope my daughter will learn and enjoy at the same time.

Fairy Hobmother visits me

The famous fairy hobmother travels around the world and I was very pleased because he had stop over on this blog. Yes this is it hahah, finally the fairy hobmother who is known for granting wishes went to this blog. People in blogosphere knew that when fairy hobmother visited your blog, you will get special reward from him. So, now that the generous fairy is here, it only means he will grant my wish or he will give me special gift. I wonder if he will give me one of the top 5 washing machines, why not?

Actually, I already asked one gift from him and he said yes. Do I need to reveal what I had asked from him? Well, maybe next time once I handed it. Anyway, do you have any wish in your mind? Why not comment below because the fairy hobmother is wandering around the blogosphere and who knows your blog is his next stop over. Don’t forget to follow him on twitter (yes, fairy has twitter account too) so start following him.

Holidays in Mexico 2013: Top 3 Attractions

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However you want to spend your spare days in the sun, be sure to add the following attractions to your adventuring itinerary.

  • Xcaret Park is one of the most exciting days out you will ever experience. Dubbed as, ‘Cancun and Riviera Maya’s top eco archaeological park for family fun’, here holidaymakers can be at the heart of Mayan nature and wildlife.

Swim with dolphins, trek the tropical jungle trail, and explore much more at ‘Mexico’s sacred paradise’.

  • Take a trip back in time and pay a visit to the impressive remains of ancient Mayan civilization.

Coba, Chichen Itza and the Tulum Ruins are all essential sightseeing opportunities for every traveller – whether you usually visit historical sites or not.

Choosing to tour the sites with a guide will give you a good insight into the relevance of structures such as the Temple of the Descending God and El Castillo.

  • Step inside Coco Bongo Cancun for a nightlife adventure that is quite simply out of this world.

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Singapore here they come

This is the first time my mother will travel outside the Philippines. She was invited by my sister and her family to go with them for a short vacation in Singapore. Daughter wish to go with them but it’s possible because we don’t have money, hahah. And besides this is not the proper time because she has many activities in school. Another thing, we don’t have money to use. I have to work hard first online so we could afford traveling other country or even beautiful places in the Philippines.

Singapore photo singapore_zps01f455ff.jpeg
Google photo

Anyway, I hope my mother, sister and her family will have a wonderful vacation in Singapore. Hope they won’t forget our pasalubong (homecoming gift) hahah! Have a safe trip!

Quick Update:

It’s been 7 months since my mother and sister’s family visited Singapore. I forgot to update this post but mother had so many stories to share about Singapore. Some of the tourist spots in Singapore they enjoyed were Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa and other popular tourist destinations in Singapore.

She mentioned that Singapore is really a clean country and this country prohibits littering. How I wish our country will also implement same thing. Anyhow, mother brought us some pasalubong; daughter and I got Singapore shirts.

Well after I heard positive things about Singapore, I was thinking if daughter and I will have a chance to visit that country or other Asian countries as well. I heard from a friend that FlightHub is offering cheap and affordable travel experience especially to Asian countries. Ok, I will check this site now and hopeful that I will get good deals from them.

Will visit Liliw, Laguna

Tomorrow morning we will go to Liliw, Laguna once again. We go there once a month so expect me sharing post about Liliw most of the time. Anyway, as usual the purpose is not to unwind but to buy shoes and slippers for our small business. I hope the place is not affected by flood because I heard some of the places in Laguna also experienced monsoon weather that resulted to flood. So hoping Liliw, Laguna is not affected so we can do our business. At the same time, our expenses that will be used to go there will not go to waste. Its getting late I need to sleep now. We will leave our place early morning so see you in my next post. Have a safe weekend everyone.

Coming Soon to the NEC: Top Gear Live

After the hype of the summer has subsided, and the autumnal months loom over us like a raincloud, Top Gear Live! will return to the NEC in Birmingham to entertain their audience once again.

Between the 25th and 28th October, the humorous trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May will be joined by the tame racing driver, The Stig, in a live arena show to ensure a fantastic, memorable day out.

With a live track and an interactive exhibition, the show will only be visiting the NEC for the first time ever – no more stops anywhere in the UK. All the more reason to book some time off work and travel to Birmingham and not miss out, eh?

It promises to be the “biggest and boldest you have ever seen” and with the basic ticket price of a mere £20, there’s packages to suit every budget. Bear in mind that the cheapest tickets do have a restricted view and you won’t be able to see all aspects of the stage. It may affect your ability to appreciate the entire show as much as you would if you were to treat yourself, by upgrading to a more expensive package. For £99 plus booking fee, you can get the ultimate ticket – the platinum – which includes one of the best seats, access to the exhibition, exclusive access to the Platinum Lounge, an Arena Paddock tour and some awesome merchandise.

Get up close and personal with the hosts of the hit BBC show. Be entertained with the unedited, uncensored debates that the presenters will inevitably partake in. Admire some of the most expensive cars in the world as they arrive in the arena and watch the stunt drivers perform for your viewing pleasure.

Action packed, fun filled entertainment in the heart of Birmingham. Go all out – book cheap hotel near the NEC and make a night of it.

Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna

How is your weekend so far? It’s been raining all day long here in our place so we just stayed at home. Anyway, sorry just got back and haven’t updated this blog regularly but as I promised last time I will share some of our photos taken at Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna.

This is the front view of Isdaan.


Souvenir photo before stepping inside. Here you can see small river with fake crocodiles.


Entertain the guest with these men. They are not moving but once you give them money they will move or dance.


Another attraction inside Isdaan. Have any wish? say a wish … hit the bell and touch any part of Buddha.


Place where guest eats, there are small and big cottages available.


Another beautiful attraction, below is my niece imitating it.


The huge gorilla is in the house …


Meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse aside from them angry birds, other princesses, superman and other children’s favorite are present.


Release your anger by means of Tacsiyapo Wall.


Enjoy free boat ride just pay 20 pesos for banker.


There are many attractions to enjoy in Isdaan but we went there late so we didn’t wander the place more.

Isdaan in Calauan, Laguna

It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog. Well, sad to say I don’t have any places to go, just house – school or other way around. Ooops, before I forget, last July 15 we went to Liliw, Laguna for the fourth time. We went there not to unwind but just like the previous visits, we went to Liliw for the purpose of buying slippers and shoes that we could sell here in our place.

After we finished our agenda in Liliw, my sister and her family brought us to Isdaan. It is a floating restaurant at the same time fun park located in Calauan, Laguna. It’s our first time to visit the place. We arrived late around 6 pm (not so sure) but the sun is already hiding. The place is nice with so many attractions to enjoy but the food is quite expensive.

I will share some of our photos next time. I need to get it first from my sister account in Facebook =). Too bad I didn’t bring my own camera. I thought we will just buy slippers/shoes in Liliw so I didn’t mind bringing camera. Lesson learned, always bring camera all the time.

Anyway, I have to sleep now need to rest because my daughter will have class early morning, that’s what I am saying house – school and other way around =).