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broadway shows NYC photo broadwayshows_zpsa009a42d.jpg

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day to all mommies around the world. Today we are celebrating Mother’s Day as tribute for all the love, cares, and sacrifices they are giving to her family. I am a mother itself and happy because my daughter who is 5 year-old gave me fresh red rose when I woke up this morning. She even uttered the word “Happy Mother’s Day”. I asked her where did she get the flower and told me it was bought by my sister. What a great surprised from my daughter and thank you also to my sister. Anyhow, aside from this celebration my brother-in-law is celebrating his birthday today. I’m thinking if montecristo cigars is the perfect present for him.

Sand Dunes 4×4 Adventure, Ilocos Norte

We had been in Ilocos Norte twice. I think the first one was 3-4 years ago. We didn’t enjoy everything in Ilocos during our first visit. I think we only visited Marcos area and Paoay municipality due to lack of time. Now, that we came back in this beautiful province. We enjoyed our come back visit in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur.

Anyhow, the family first adventure experienced in Ilocos Norte was Sand Dunes Sand Dunes 4x4 Adventure photo SandDunesAdventure_zpsd30ffc8f.jpg 4×4 Adventure. The family didn’t plan to do this breathtaking adventure. We only saw the signage Sand Dunes 4×4 Adventure and Sand boarding while heading to Windmills Seashore.

4x4 Adventure Sand Dunes photo SandDunes4x4Adventure_zps2cc72acf.jpg

The family didn’t think twice and went to the area. After a short conversation to the people managing the place we decided to try this adventure. It was our first time to do such kind of adventure but it was exciting, electrifying, fun at the same time nervous because of the different paths we went through.

There were easy paths, sometimes slow and then went to exciting and deep paths. There’s also an area called roller coaster so it’s really exciting and breathtaking. We all shouted to the fullest every time we were passing in deep paths.

I never thought we have this beautiful place in Ilocos Norte. It’s little Dubai as they called it. You can also witness the beautiful Suba Beach at the back of my daughter and mother in photo below.

view of Sand Dunes photo 4x4AdventureSandDunes_zpsfe886a92.jpg

Sand Dunes Adventure photo SandDunes4x4AdventureIlocos_zps168c4b67.jpg

This is the area for Sand boarding. My daughter didn’t do sand boarding because its really hot that time but she didn’t miss the chance to use this thing used for sand boarding. It was hot afternoon when we went there, I advised you to come early in the morning. Doing this late in the afternoon is not advisable because you won’t see the beauty of this place.

Sand Boarding Adventure photo SandBoardingSandDunes_zps6a0acc21.jpg

Well, the whole experienced was fun. Sand Dunes 4×4 Adventure is one of a kind journey and I will do it again if given a chance.

One thing that I noticed, they are lacking safety thing like seat belt so I hope they will work on this thing and besides it’s for the safety of the passengers. I forgot to ask the name of our 4×4 driver but he was kind and always reminds us to hold tightly every time we are passing in a hard and deep paths.

For your info this place is a protected area that was provided with landscapes creating a spectacular view of original nature. It has been a shooting place of some local and Hollywood movies such as Ang Panday, Mad Max and Born on the Fourth of July.

Bare Fruit Snacks – For a Healthy Me

I watched a documentary wherein they featured the life span of people in Japan. Bare Fruit Snack photo snack-bare-fruit-mango-chips_zps5925a549.jpg The people who were interviewed are ages from 90 and up. They said the secret is eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits. There are no chemicals or anything in the kind of foods they eat. How I wish I can do such eating habits but it’s hard because I often eat junk foods and instant foods. I knew it’s not good to my health so I’m trying my best to change my eating routine.

Anyhow, my friend told me about bare fruit snacks. She said its one of the healthiest snack foods to eat because its 100% natural with no additional preservatives or chemicals. It is also low in calories, high in fiber and naturally sweet. It meets the recommended servings per day of fresh fruits required by the USDA. With all these healthy benefits of this snack for sure I will check it. This is the time to change my bad habit of eating.

Whirley Pop Shop – All in one popcorn store

Do you like popcorn? This snack food has been an all time-favorite of kids and young at heart especially while watching movie in cinema and at home. My daughter loves popcorn very much so I always make sure to buy when doing grocery. It’s not easy to make crunchy and delicious popcorn because we don’t have popcorn machine but I’m still eager to make for my daughter. I looked for popcorn machine online and none of them convinced me to get their product.

Well earlier while browsing online, I found a site selling all popcorn accessories from popcorn makers, popcorn, and all popcorn related products. The site called whirley pop shop located in Monon, White Country, Indiana, in Whirley Pop Maker photo whirleypopmaker_zps4a4dc49e.jpeg the heart of popcorn country. They are the number one popcorn producing country in Indiana. The Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker that they are selling is easy to use and easy to clean after. The popcorn that comes in the machine is surely hot, fresh and delicious with different flavors to choose from sweet caramel to zesty cheddar cheese. You’ll never want plain popcorn again and again; don’t worry because toppings and seasonings you need to make ordinary popcorn into something extraordinary are available at their store. It’s a store with complete popcorn accessories you need from popcorn machine, popcorn itself, flavors, toppings, and seasonings. They also have popcorn party machine supplies and ideas. So, if you are looking for perfect, delicious and mouth-watering popcorn, visit Whirley Pop Shop online.

If you ever have any questions about their products or services, feel free to give them a call at 888-272-7778.

Baluarte Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Another late post. One of the tourist spots in Vigan, Ilocos Sur is Baluarte. Governor Chavit Singson owned the place; he loves nature and shows passion for animals so the place has large numbers of domestic animals like monkeys, chickens, large lizards and rare bird species. Also other animals like tiger, horses, deers, and so on. Visitors in Baluarte can enjoy the place and all the facilities because it’s open to the public and no entrance fee. You will give donation if you want to take photos together with the animals.

The family went there last Holy Week. It’s not our first time to visit the place but we enjoyed our tour this time because we came early unlike before. The last time we went there, we arrived late in the afternoon so we saw few animals. Now, we encountered the animals very close. Though I didn’t explore the whole place because it’s very hot the day. Here are some of our photos in Baluarte.

at Baluarte photo atBaluarte_zpsf434b07e.jpg musang - civet cat photo civetcat-musang_zps8605661f.jpg

Baluarte photo Baluarte_zps16a9e5d7.jpg
pony photo ponyandthekid_zpsf1320b61.jpg
pretty butterflies photo prettybutterfly_zpsd5850f0c.jpg
Tiger in Baluarte photo tiger_zpsc1679175.jpg

Saxophone one of the hardest instruments to play

For me one of the hardest musical instruments to use/play is saxophone. I haven’t tried this instrument ever but I said this because looking at those musicians blowing this kind of instrument in order to create music, I find it difficult. Well, I think it’s difficult for me because I have never tried it but for sure for those musicians using this instrument, I’m sure it’s easy for them, especially if it’s already their hobby. Anyhow, if any chance you are looking for excellent baritone sax, you might want to see the site I browsed earlier. They have a huge collection of musical instrument available online.

Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine, Pangasinan

We spent our Holy week at Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Our trip to these places wasn’t a planned. My sister called us asking if we want to spend Holy week in Batangas or Laguna but decided to visit Northern part. We leave home at around 11pm and arrived in Vigan, Ilocos Sur before lunch time the following day. It’s really a long trip but memorable.

Before heading to Ilocos, we decided to visit Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan. It was my first time visiting the church. I was amazed because there were thousands of people from nearby places and far places like us. We never knew that we entered and parked at the back of the church. In front of the church we saw crowded people; indeed this church is very popular to all pilgrimage.

I learned that this church is popular local pilgrimage site as it preserves a 17th-century ivory statue of St. Mary in the named of Nuestra Senora del Rosario de Manaoag (Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag). According to the legend there was a young man who had vision of St. Mary and told him to have the shrine built. The church also has 400-year history of renowned miraculous and pious events, so I think the reason why pilgrimage always wanted to visit Our Lady Of Manaoag.

 photo OurLadyofManaoag_zpsbe116e74.jpg
This is the front view of the altar. I noticed that the structure of the church (inside) is like a cross.

Our Lady of Manaoag Church altar photo OurLadyofManaoagChurchaltar_zps564e9a4f.jpg
This wooden sculpture of Our Lady of Manaoag in a tree caught my attention.

Our Lady of Manaoag photo OurLadyofManaoagChurch_zps5e509a4a.jpg
Our Lady of Manaoag photo OurLadyofManaoagShrine_zps9c4d53be.jpg
Famous souvenirs include candles, rosaries, and ampullae of blessed oil with flowers (which supposedly has healing properties).
ampullae of blessed oil with flowers photo ampullaeofblessedoilwithflowers_zpsb0f7140b.jpg

Memory Foam Mattress

Its official summer is here already. As I’m writing this post the temperature in our place is 32 degrees. It’s too hot, to the point that I want to jump in the water. Anyhow, we don’t have any plan yet where to go this summer. I don’t have enough money to unwind but still I want to go somewhere just to relax and enjoy summer season.

Aside from going somewhere, I was thinking also if I will check for twin size memory foam mattress topper. I think this is the best time to buy one because daughter and I are sharing single bed. Thinking how hot the weather plus small sharing bed, it’s hard for us to sleep. I guess, I should plan to get new mattress first before planning to go somewhere else, wink!

memory foam mattress photo memoryfoammattress_zps52032120.jpg

If given a chance to visit New York City …

Summer is here already in our part of the world. For sure many are already planning what to do or where to go. As for my family we don’t have definite place to visit but some members of the family suggested visiting the summer capital of our country. So, will see if this plan pushes through. If I will be asked I want to visit other nearby places because we went there many times. Well, I like the place because it’s beautiful and it’s chilly there but thinking how far the place about 6-8 hours drive makes me think twice. Still, I prefer to visit nearby places but still everyone in the family will enjoy.

Also, if given a chance, I will be willing to spend summer in other country. This is once in a lifetime opportunity so whether it’s near or far, for sure I will take it. There are many good places around the world to explore and enjoy; one of them in New York City. There are many good places and museums to enjoy in this city. Travelers in this place wouldn’t want to overlook Statue of Liberty, Empire of Liberty, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Times Square and a lot more. Also, who wouldn’t want to enjoy their Broadway shows?

New York City photo NewYorkCity_zps8979815c.jpg

It’s impossible for me to visit NYC today, but who knows one day. For now I have to share to my families and friends who can possibly visit NYC. There is one site that offers New York City Vacation Packages that offers a variety of affordable broadway show and hotel packages. So whatever your purpose; take your family on NYC vacation, a romantic New York City getaway, tickets to a great Broadway show, see your favorite NYC sports team in action, visit NYC’s landmarks and attractions, and to experience the Holidays in NYC all these things could be achieved through NYCVP (New York City Vacation Packages). They have a package that is right for you.