Apples on Fake Tree

Who says there’s no apple tree in our country? Well, in reality apple tree doesn’t grow in our country. So when I saw this fake apple tree in Sutukil restaurant in Cebu. I took some souvenir photos. Kyla acts as picking apple on the fake apple tree, lol. Well, I hope we have apple trees here in our country because it is one of our favorite fruits. But we don’t buy more often because of the price. I saw photo of my cousin in Canada wherein her daughter is picking apple, it’s cute. Some apples were already fallen down on the ground but here you can’t get it for free. Anyway, maybe my wish this Christmas is to see some real apple tree in the Philippines, hahah!

7 thoughts on “Apples on Fake Tree”

  1. kyla unquestionably loves apples…
    titig na titig siya sa fruit oh hahaha

    i googled my url…
    cannot understand, i need time to study those hahaha

  2. Hay sinabi mo pa, ginto ang fruits ngayon. haha

    My mom has apple trees in their backyard, and even if she shares it with her neighbors, still they’ve got more than enough. So squirrels usually feast on it. Kung pwede nga lang daw ipadala. hehe

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