Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Parish

Sorry not updating this blog from time to time. Having old laptop and not functioning well is really embarrassing so I couldn’t update all my blogs. Anyway, this picture wasn’t new. This was taken last August when we went to Lipa City. We didn’t explore the place of Lipa. But had a chance to visit the church of Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Parish. After we gave our thanks and prayers to God, we visited the next church. I think it was the main cathedral but I didn’t see it. I didn’t go down from the car because of the heavy rains. After we visited two churches, we went to SM Lipa to eat lunch. We just stroll in the mall for a short time and we headed back to Lucena City. I think its 2-3 hours back home.

 photo Mary Mediatrix of All Grace Parish_zpsy65vayjh.jpg
SM City Lipa photo SM City Lipa_zpsfsdcfmzi.jpg